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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Skin in a Natural Radiant Glow

For healthy beautiful and radiant skin it comes to only the best for me. Ingredients are important, and often times price does not determine the quality.

Orlane Paris does the wonders I have always dreamed of in a product. Particularly their youth and anti-age creams for the visage. It only requires a little to coat a layer of silk on your face, and instantly you and your skin are refreshed.

It is the perfect amount of moisture and nourishment needed. It is an absolute luxury the way it makes you feel as well.

All of their products are lovely, but I must admit I limit myself to the Creme-Legere or Creme De Jeunesse currently. I have used their anti-age for the eyes as well and find it marvelous. I may have to explore further into their lotions for the body (I can only imagine how much more radiant it will make the skin). For now, the Light Cream is exactly that- weightless and makes my skin flawless.

Once I do look into the body products, I will give you the results.

For the time being; give into a little luxury for yourself and keep in mind only the best. After all, your skin lasts you your lifetime- best keep it beautiful and healthy.

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