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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vintage Beautiful Vintage

In love with wine as much as me? Its such a beautiful thing, especially when enjoyed among loved ones. The other night I had the pleasure of a wonderful dinner with my boyfriend, his father, and a dear friend- and soon to be sommelier I may add as well. Wine with them is always a delight, and last night was no different. Always something beautiful and always something interesting. Vintage- we all notice the year but maybe do not give all the thought to it. Well, here is for a little more thought and practice.

Last night we had two wonderful bottles of pinot noir- and mind you of the same kind- or so it would seem. The first was of 2002, fruit forward and lovely. Along with dinner, and still a bit of wine remaining, we then moved to the 2005. Wow, you can really tell the difference from such a short little time- the harvest, the year, all that was done differently between the two- subtle gems that I insist you must try comparing side by side.

It was such a delight- look the next time you are shopping or at a restaurant and about to enjoy your favorite wine. If different vintages are available, having them side by side is a must to really reveal what the wine has to offer.

Explore the most of your wine and beloved vineyards.

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