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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Candy on the Chic

Pure divine fruit preserved in the traditional way of Southern France, still today is within grasp in a delicious way. Of my travels, Nice has such a wonderful feel that can really be noticed at the Confiserie Florian through their creations. Keeping true to history and tradition, the factory is more than happy to guide you through the process- samples along the way a delight to enjoy.

A favorite of mine is the ostrich eggs- a velvety smooth chocolate wrapped in a fragile candy coating. Its all the right textures and balances that melt in just the right way- impossible to ignore or save for later, I devour them in an instant.

Fruit and Chocolate is grand- however do not miss the selection of candied flowers and liquors. Rose and Violet have always been a favorite of mine as a child- simply beautiful and delicate.

Nice alone is quite beautiful, and the Confiserie Florian is a direct reflection. Visit their site and you can have them delivered to your home- such a convenience especially when the flight is so long.

Candy lovers everywhere, this is one to indulge and adore.

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Anakin said...

It looks yummy :) thanks for your comment on our blog. good luck :)