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Pretty And Fabulous
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Silver Sultriness & A Color Splash

Classic and timeless glamor with a modern and divine twist- l o v e i t. Its almost like a fairy tale or image from Hollywood of the past. With a dress as beautiful and long as this, the hair swept back with minimal make up compliments perfectly. A little silver, or even a little white with some smart accessories can liven up a look with a dainty and delicate feel.

A short and simple ruffled white spring dress with some silver jewelry- perhaps a distinct necklace and bracelet, paired up with some silver shoes is an easily obtained masterpiece.

On the other side of spring, the more forward side I might say- is the color splash in full vibrancy. Here we have Zac Posen with a beautiful and feminine shape full of brilliant color. One distinct and bold color is a focus this spring.
Again, you can see the shoes here are silver- a fun play on the color contrast as well.

A simple shape, playful cut, and bold stand out color is a grand statement and I am quite happy to see it as well as live it.

Like the flowers, both delicate and bold are working the season.

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