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Pretty And Fabulous

Pretty And Fabulous
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello Pretty!

Ever wanted to be Beautiful and I mean really and truly Bombshell Beautiful?

Of course, and its so easily accomplished its overlooked much like those who do not have it themselves. And its more than the eye can see, believe you me. I must say some of the ugliest people I have ever met may have fooled the eye for a moment of being attractive. The proportion and visual all seemed in line, and then came the attitude. A fat nasty little bugger that spoils the air around you. I don't care how pretty you think you are, with an attitude like that its all that can be seen.

Think about the most beautiful men and women out there. They are well mannered, graceful, well dressed and owning their garments, constantly on the move, and radiant with confidence. They sit and stand tall and speak beautifully with a perfectly warm smile. At a moment's notice, they are always collected and ready for a show.

Now that's Beautiful. Its also intelligent and full of pure class. Just what are the elements to obtain such beauty and where are they seen every day? I will be exploring just that and showing how relevant it really is.

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