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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lychee Litchi Delight in a Drink

Absolute favorite of all favorites when it comes to drinks and and exotic fruits is the Lychee- and a martini especially. I used to bring a bowl of frozen lychees with me when I would lay out on the beach, a favorite luxury of mine. Great anywhere, too- not just out in the sun, and should be often practiced. But I cannot help but involve another love of mine: vodka. They work so beautifully together with just the right balance of smooth and delicate hint of sweetness.

Oh the lovely wonders of the lychee, or litchi depending where you may go. A friend of mine from Japan recognized the fruit as the litchi rather than lychee. She loved them too, and I do not think you could ever eat too much.

Making your own at home is quite simple, provided you can find the lychee- fresh is most desirable, however the canned version are an alright substitute. You can use the juice they are kept in for the drink as well. Maaza provides a great Lychee juice that is delicious on its own.

Look for the lychee next time you are out and about-sorbet, martini, juice, or the fruit alone are all a delightful indulgence.

If its appearance alarms you- worry not, you don't eat the red pointy shell, only the delicate fruit inside. There is no intense acquired taste about it either, I have yet to find anyone who doesn't enjoy them- even the pickiest of eaters.

Bring a little luxury into your drink.

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