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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Long Beautiful And A Flawless Shine

Finding a consistent perfect shine and smoothness for your hair has never been easier. And believe it from me, I have a lot of hair- really, a lot of hair. Finding something to control it and keep it the way I like has been a mission now since resolved.

Living in Florida and now in Texas, humidity is a familiar fiend. Oddly enough, I haven't noticed it much as my hair remains completely smooth with that wonderful shine. Kerastase has made all the difference for me, particularly their Oleo-Relax Collection.

The shampoo and hair mask does wonders for me- and makes my hair feel flawless for days. I use their heat protector before blow drying my hair straight and rarely need to touch up again before my next wash. It saves me from using heat on my hair every day and my hair moves beautifully. The less maintenance needed the better, it allows me time to style my hair in fun and creative ways instead of having to spend an hour or two getting it ready for play.

Looking for shine, curls, pure health? They have products targeted for them too- and they are all wonderful. The price may be somewhat high at first glance- but you don't need to use it every day and a little bit goes a long way. In fact, it lasts so much longer than my past shampoos and conditioners that it ends up being the same price or even less.

Don't believe me- see for yourself. That's me, I used to fight with my hair all the time, now I love my hair and look forward to drying and styling it. After a hair mask treatment, my hair instantly goes into place requiring less damaging heat and so much less time.

I laugh now and how difficult and time consuming it used to be. Now its a sort of luxury for me, not to mention the lasting effect of feeling great. This one is not going away for me.

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