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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wii Fit Glamorous Discovery

I first bought the wii when it originally came out- somehow without any waiting in line or scheduling my day, I simply walked casually in and was able to get my name on the last available wii during the pre-order.

mii_teresaJust worked out lovely, no complaints- and loved the system. Very fun and very unique as it made you truly interact with the games (yes, it involves actual movement). Well, time has passed and I heard of the Wii Fit, but honestly it didn't really draw me in. I was curious, of course, but not really motivated.

Well, we have come across two of them now as they are quite difficult to find, and we decided to go ahead and give it a go- see what it is all about.

Wow, I never expected so much from it. I thought sure, maybe it will be cute or darling with "some exercise" involvement, but never this. It is very Real.


It is so sensitive to the slightest shift change of your weight- you actually do have to control your posture and center of balance. No cheating in any of the exercises- it knows!

Even when it checks your BMI, it looks like you are standing still, but you do tend to shake or drift just a bit when you stand and it reads it perfectly to see where your balance is and how off or on you are to it.

wii_fit_gameWith the yoga poses, it makes you not only do the pose- but keep your balance in this little circle, in reality which means keeping your posture correct as you do the pose. Seriously no cheating, and you really feel the stretch even more. Same goes with the push ups and so on. Breathing is important and it even agrees- combining my fearless breathing techniques with the wii fit games has helped me master them quickly and feel so much better for it!

The balance games are my favorite, I am quite proud at my success with them now (took a little practice, but I own them now! Next is to own the advanced levels).

I actually enjoy doing this every day which is key- I want to unlock more games and beat my last time or increase my quality of routine. Most importantly, it isn't the slightest bit boring at all. You're competing against yourself more than anything, but you can also compete against others if you wish to.

this is my mii

I absolutely love it- definitely worth the try to see if it is for you. I didn't think it would be but sure enough it absolutely is!

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