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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Very Special Memory And Tribute

Jake The KittyHere he is, Mr. Jake- the sweetest sleep in your lap kitty I know, unless of course you happen to be one of my other kitties- in which case he is the cat that beats you up, lol.

This is my fiance's tough little guy, named Jake (brother to Elwood, also a fond and great memory). At the age of seventeen, upon meeting my two young cats, he promptly smacked them in the head letting them know who is indeed the boss. He loved to remind them every chance he got, the bully. But he loved it. He loved being in charge and then relaxing on our laps. What a character.

About a year ago we discovered a lump that we chose to have removed, it was quite the procedure and he recovered very well- in fact, so well that upon coming home the first day, cast/bandage and all, he smacked the kitties as good as ever. It is his favorite game, seriously a tough guy! But also the sweetest mellow guy.

This afternoon we had to put Mr Jake to sleep as the tumor has returned and has become incredibly large distracting to his quality of life; I think we did this just in time so never had to endure the hardships and damages of the tumor- it would get to terrible and I would never allow a creature to have to endure that. He is one lucky cat, his best buddy- my fiance, gave him an incredible life I am very proud of for both of them.

Mr Jake The Cat

So even though we had to say goodbye this afternoon, we are fortunate to have more wonderful memories and happy thoughts than having to ever had endure a kitty in deep pain (a kitty going in pain is something that should never have to happen). He is a lucky kitty and am sure he is more than anxious to thump more kitties than he can imagine- all in good fun of course. There will be a nice warm lap to keep him cozy as well. He's a good kitty.

He will never be forgotten either, he is still around in memory and that is a beautiful and happy thing :) Thank you, Jake- we love you!

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