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Friday, October 31, 2008

Or Little Red Ridding Hood

A couple of days ago I was thinking Alice in Wonderland, but now its the night before Halloween and I am thinking maybe Little Red Ridding Hood. What do you think? Little bit more of a sexy style, that is for sure. Both are quite fun though.

Now, this year I am thinking of vamping it up a bit if I do wear it. The costume originally came with a a dress (pictured below) but I think I want to make it more my own this year by adding my corset with a little red skirt to match the hood. Keeping the gloves and hood of course, but changing the body of it.

Oddly enough the corset is more comfortable than the dress- just something is off about it to me. Its cute, but just the way it was made is lacking inside. I like my new way better.

So I need a verdict! Little Red Ridding hood or Alice in Wonderland? (view the post Haute Halloween to see that one). Let me know- it is tomorrow night!

Oh, and also- if on the little red, do you like the original style (with the white lace dress) or my new style (with the black corset).

Time is running out- I appreciate it! much love, xx

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