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Monday, October 20, 2008

Kobe Burger, Fois Gras, And Trufles, I Love You

Mmmmm.. so heavenly! One of my favorite things to indulge upon is a kobe burger topped off with fois gras and truffles!

Be still my heart- the look of it alone is beautiful. The photo above is from the Wall Street Burger Shoppe in New York, and it looks divine.

In Miami, I would always go to Prime 112 to satisfy my cravings (oh, also the fries are made in truffle oil). They also made my beloved Lychee Martinis there, what else would I need.

Actually, at Prime 112 they also have a Kobe hot dog, its a big one, too. Kinda awkward for some, haha. Its fun to watch the reaction when someone sees it for the first time. Definitely something to behold. If you go and want to simply enjoy a meal, I would recommend lunch time. Its much more pleasant if you aren't trying to do the whole "just to be seen" sort of thing. Gets overrated and crowded wherever you are under those circumstances. But I have always found lunch to be perfect there. (That or an extremely late dinner is nice too).

Nom Nom- Yum. Anyway, wherever you are I would recommend hunting one down, it is well worth it. If you travel make sure to indulge in one along the way.

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