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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Twisted And Angled Into A Bow Hair Fashion Style

It has been a while since I last styled my hair up and so this morning I was feeling inspired. I just started to play around a bit with my hair, originally considering a classy little side swept style, but then I did something different.

I started down low and off to the side- sectioning my hair off similar to how I normally would for the side swept up do. Only this time instead of clustering the twisted up buns on the same side together, I began to work my way up in a diagonal- not really on purpose at first it just kind of ended up in that direction.

Sometimes you just have to follow your hair to wherever it wishes to go to. As was the case here. I didn't know what to think at first but it began to grow on me and now I rather like it.

It is different and unique, but still very clean with that classic feel to it. The principles are not wild, but come together in a lovely modern manner.

Dressed up and finished with a bright and long red bow- I wrapped it around each mini-bun and tied the bow on top. So there is a low bun on one side and a high bun on the other (a cute bright bow peaking out). My hair is so dark that I wanted a contrast to make the design have more of a pop factor to it. I think a white ribbon would do the trick as well-but the red has such a nice richness to it.

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