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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Floral Scents Of Beauty

Lately I have been feeling refreshed and pretty with floral and feminine scents. I don't like something that is too heavy or carries such a musk you feel as though you are living in a swamp- small doses are in order with heavier scents.

But I do like something light and crisp with maybe just a hint of a bite, something that gets your curiosity and attention going and says "ooooh."

I love Viktor & Rolf, they are creative and inspiring to me. With a name like FlowerBomb and such a delightful presentation, I was anxious early on to see the results. I find it to be lightly feminine and bold with that bite that is just right. And it definitely has it- bold and feminine bottled in such a pretty little bottle of a bomb. Its one I keep in supply at all times.

Now this one is perfectly feminine and sweet. It is light with a nice balance- a noticeable and welcome presence that is not at all overwhelming.

In fact, how I came to find it and love it is a story of itself- completely unintended at that.

A couple of years ago I was at work one day, standing in the entry way bored with a few other girls. It was that time of day where nothing happens, the calm before the storm if you will. It lasts an eternity it seems.

Anyway, there was a magazine I had been flipping through when suddenly a scent got my attention. I instantly smiled and sighed, tore the page and started fanning myself. Then, I proceeded to fan the girl next to me.

She instantly smiled and sighed. There we were, fanning ourselves and smiling. Now the third girl was looking at us quite strangely, it wasn't as though it was hot in the room or anything. We motioned and offered to fan her, she shook her head giving us the notion that we were indeed insane.

We laughed and began to fan her when she too- instantly began smiling. She got it at that point, and in fact was so in love purchased the perfume the next day.

We always could tell when someone was wearing it- it is just so lovely. Whenever I wear it I always think of that day when I first discovered it. Anyone watching us must have thought we were mad!

Oh well, I still enjoy Calvin Klein's euphoria blossom today as the perfect refreshing scent for my day.

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