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Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Feather Hair Accessory Experiment

Okay, here is a feather hair accessory I have somehow come into possession of (drat those pretty little impulse boxes by the register). I definitely like it on its own- it is very cute, but how to wear it in my hair and not look as though I am nesting a small family of birds. Hmmm...

This was a moment of opportunity to check and see how it would look, if you will. I had my hair in a french twist and a mass of curls to the side (from my previous post of a curly up do).

Just to test the waters, I tried placing the feathery clip in my hair to get a feel. Not so bad, definitely curious.

Personally, it could work but I think it competes with the curls too much here.. it is just unnecessary. I am determined to use the feathers, but in another style.

Simplicity works best when it comes to such bold accessories. I think a clean twist clasped by the feather accessory would look absolutely beautiful- almost like a vintage hat.

It is something I will be trying soon, but I wanted to give a little preview first and foremost.

More later- ciao!

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