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Pretty And Fabulous
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pretty Peachy And A Beautiful Shoe

It has been rainy these past few days, but something different has come about it this time- a crisp coolness is now officially in the air. It feels slightly like winter- enough to be pleasant and comfortable.

This means I can bring out the wraps, furs, tights, and other fashionable items which have been patiently waiting in my closet.

I collect random cute accessories as I find them, and when it comes to winter accessories I tend to put them away until the season arrives- not thinking too much into my wardrobe just yet.

So now that it is cool and I am able to brings such items out, I was anxious to finally wear this cashmere and wool wrap with the little bunny fur balls. Cashmere, wool, a delicate pink peach color I love, and fur- the perfect combination for me of what I love in fashion! So when I took this out I remembered I had a skirt of the same color that would go perfectly with it- add lace and a bow in the same shade- fashion perfection.



I don't think I could have planned such a perfect match- I am quite pleased with the results.

I love how things work out that way! The look comes together as completely girly, classy, sophisticated, feminine and absolutely glamorous.

Now... about those shoes..

I do love a haute shoe, and I think these are gorgeous. Black and shiny with all the right curves- these are a classic fun shoe by Marciano from Guess. I couldn't resist but indulge in these.

They have the cute allure of a Mary Jane but all the glamor of a high heel. The little curve from beneath the toes which are rounded and gold buckle of the strap separate it from other black pumps, keeping it unique and interesting.

These shoes stand out from a distance and can really vamp an otherwise ordinary outfit. I am having lots of fun with them and am looking forward to incorporating them more into my wardrobe.

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