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Friday, October 3, 2008

Zyr, My Love Of Vodka

I *love* vodka, you must understand this before anything else. So when I say to you that Zyr is my favorite vodka, this is definitely saying something bold.

Its pretty blue bottle stands out from anywhere, and it is a gorgeous a bottle. Something very nice to see match its classy qualities; the presentation is much appreciated.

Russian vodka speaks of quality alone, but an inspection is always needed to see what sets it apart from the rest, and why Zyr particularly is so special.

9 : 5 : 3

Why will this suddenly have a meaning to you? Well let’s take a look by what they mean by this ratio.

9 Filtrations

5 Distillations

3 Tasting Tests

The results are absolutely amazing and incredibly smooth- dangerously smooth, in fact. It is a curious blend of winter wheat and rye- and the taste definitely is lovely.

I drink it neat or on the rocks, preferably on the rocks- it is best appreciated alone. It is such a smooth vodka and has just the perfect hint of a sweet finish. This is a yummy one and a must for any vodka and/or spirits lover.

I have yet to see someone who does not like it after having tasted it. Even those who generally do not prefer vodka (for usually they have not had it properly or have not had the right kinds).

Now, here is how it can be oh so extra dangerously smooth- if you choose to mix this vodka…

… you will devour your drinks faster than ever. It is so smooth it doesn’t feel like consuming alcohol at all when in the company of juices and other mixed drink combinations.

Now- it will definitely makes those drinks incredibly yummy and drinkable, if not refreshing, but for the true vodka lover on the rocks is the way to go here.

Should that stop you from ordering it in your mixed drinks? Never- do both depending on your mood. Tastes especially nice in a Basil8. Perhaps more on that one later.

Yum! I love it!

It is not available everywhere just yet, though you can find it available online. Be on the look out for it wherever you are- it is a wonderful and delightful treat.

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