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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Loving Tokyo Fashion

Well, I am at least loving this darling little dress I purchased from a Japanese boutique called Nonno. It's terribly cute, and I love it. Describing it may sound like a disaster, but it totally works the way I see it. And you do have to see it to believe it.

Let's look at this dress:

Brown with light blue polka dots, a blackbig bow belt, and white frilly poofy sleeves-bet you wouldn't seek that out on your own now would you. Nor did I, however I am pleased with the find.

Its one of those moments where you wonder "why do I like this, do I like this, I think I do, I can't stop looking at it" and while debating you end up falling in love with it.

Got to make a decision and move with it, that's for sure especially with fashion. If you aren't sure, no one else will be either.

So long as you love what you wear and wear what you love all is well by me.

I freaking love this bow belt, by the way. It has a little hook underneath so it is easy to match up with any other outfit, too. A black belt on a brown dress would never have been my first choice, but why not. This is how it came and was intended to be worn and I am quite enjoying it.

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