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Friday, October 17, 2008

Bright, Blue, And Very Betsey

The other day my best friend was visiting from out of town to celebrate another friend's birthday. Three fashionable girls on a day out together, you can imagine what that means. Shopping, Luncheon (Dim Sum), Salon, and an exquisite birthday dinner.

Shopping was mostly for pleasure, but we did have a mission- there was that dinner we had to look forward to after all. And it being a birthday, we must dress the part. So the mission was to find a birthday/party dress for the occasion. Not just any, but something spontaneous and fun, something simply for us.

We stepped into Betsey Johnson- we were looking for a spontaneous party dress after all, and we found this insane little number. A giant ruffled collar (which can be worn up or down over and below the shoulders), an incredibly bright bold and shiny blue, a ribboned belt and an open back. Wow, this was something else- not only that, there was only one, it was in my size, and it was discounted over $265 off of the normal retail price.

For that kind of deal and chance to come across, how could I say no? It is all in the spirit of spontaneous and fashionable fun after all. I mean, this is a dress that orders the drink for you, ha ha.

Definitely a party dress. Yes.

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