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Pretty And Fabulous
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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pretty Bracelet With A Creative Sparkle

This is a cute and fun little piece- one that stands out on its own. It is amazing how such a small little accessory can revamp the little black dress (or even any daytime outfit).

All the photos show different angles of the same bracelet; and that is what I love so much about this particular piece. It has so many different unique little designs on a very vibrant glitter background.

The colors pop with a strong contrast to reveal its own little personality- a very cute one at that.

I love that as you turn it the style completely changes, yet somehow they all come together so smoothly. One forever continuous piece of art. It makes me want to create something similar on my own- kind of like those Prada white canvas bags where you create your own design! Only, I don't think I would do it on a Prada (its just asking for a smear or slip of the hand mess up), but a blank canvas of my own is quite the possibility.

I think it would like nice in a scarf design too- something to look for and those are out there. The blended design where the style fades from complex to simple and back. I'll keep an eye out, that is for sure.

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