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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bright Yellow Fashion, M ....?

I like the color yellow, from the soft pastels to the brilliant and bold brights. It is a pleasant color to play with. Good place to start.

Now, M? Me, mine... who knows what it is supposed to mean exactly but for me it could be a few things. Oddly enough a few of my nicknames start with an M. One of which is Madrid- people used to call me the "Spanish version of Paris" for quite some time and the name Madrid kept with me. Oddly enough my last name starts with an M, too- so perhaps there is another option, lol.

It never occurred to me until after I bought the top, about the letter M. I just thought it was a cute and comfortable top that could easily be matched with anything. I love the material and color, and the design of the M has a lovely feel to it.

Funny how things work out!

So what does M mean to you? Maybe its just marvelous ;)

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