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Monday, September 29, 2008

Glamorous Curls Twist Into A Fashionable Updo

So now that my hair is filled with all these magnificent curls, I thought I would have a bit more fun with it. Also, sometimes I don't want to be drowning in my own hair, and an updo can be quite refreshing as well as glamorous.

So here I have swept my hair into a classic french twist, slightly more to one side so it is just a bit off center, and allowed the curls to just fall as they desired.

I touched up the curls and made some more defining, and also pinned a couple wherever I saw fit.

Its a bit messy but I kind of like that about curls, they are allowed to be. Its natural and playful. I love the way they move as you walk too- with just the right kind of bounce. Its fun.

I like the contrast of this style- one side is completely smooth and controlled, the other is full of volume and massive curls.

If you wanted to, you could mix some of the curls on the other side as well, blend the two together. It is quite simple to do either way you like.

Here's to more fun and style. Much love!

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