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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cafe Cubano Just Around The Corner

This is great; I move from Miami and at apparently the same time so does this gentlemen around the corner. Even better, he opens up a little shop and calls it "Cafe Cubano" and you guessed it, serves the most wonderful cafe cubanos and all the traditional Cuban cuisine to go with it. Yum!

My fiance loves the coffees, but only once in a while for him. He instead has found delicious enjoyment in the Malta from Hatvey- oooh, this is a good one.

They have a couple different Malta's, I think this one is the best by far- it has the most flavor, strong and distinct which I like in a beverage. Just the smell alone is fantastic. This is a must try if you ever come across it- let me know when you do.

Okay, back to the cafe cubano- or in my case, cortadito con leche evaporado. There is nothing like a nice strong espresso brewed with sugar and then topped off with steamed evaporated milk- just a little of course, and talk about heavenly! Oh I love this drink, and finally I can begin having them again and just around the corner from where I live- how lovely is that?

He makes my favorite little pastry to have with a coffee, too- the guava and cheese pastels. It compliments it perfectly.

I would love to see walk up Cuban Cafes start spreading like the Wine Bars have been, maybe this will be the next thing. What a treat that would be. People need to love coffee again (actual coffee- don't get me started).

Alright, I am off for a cortadito and guava and cheese. Ciao.

Ooh- a little PS, Here's a little look of some of the other fun sodas they offer. I'm told the IronBeer tastes similar to a fruity Dr. Pepper, but I don't know- we'll see. We bought them to try later, I'll let you know how it goes.

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