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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Old Fashioned Glamour Awakens

Giorgio Armani defines classic elegance and beauty so wonderfully, and I am finding much inspiration from these looks and designs. It is very much old hollywood returned with a splash of fresh color and extra feminine softness.

The lines drop low and the fabric melts to the ground, looking as though it actually a part of the body itself. It just looks so lovely, and knowing Armani it definitely is. The photo here is from Francois Guillot, it realy captures the glamorous line well I think. Love the earings, too.

It reveals the feminine form beautifully and the colors are perfect. The hair is cute and i see what they are going for (great for the runway) but I don't know I would do it now. Maybe keep the side swept but still with medium to long hair to blend into. Still, cute but feels kind of messy or off.

This one I like much better, hair wise at least. It looks a little fuller and connects more around (not just all the hair on the side, but it connects around the back, too, more complete). I will have to play around with it and see what I can create.

Mmm, pretty fashion- I love it. I love to see more of it and it delights me to see it on the runway. Glamorous!

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