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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wild Prints For Fashion Fun

I love a beautiful print- usually filled with color, bold, and fun. This skirt is something different but still quite fun and bold. Not the usual bright colors you see in a print, but the normally toned down shade of brown against the white with this wild pattern is remarkably bold and I love it.

With a print like this I want it to stand out on its own- too much of anything else, color, design or whatever have you would just get lost and compete.

One thing I would do is wear some funky or playful earings- maybe a bangle on my wrist as well; it can handle the skirt's design without fighting it.

This particular skirt I found at forever 21; I must say they produce some cute items from time to time (though their options are massive and overwhelming as well- at least for me).

I like this pattern and color scheme- it is something I wouldn't mind having more of. I think brown is a nice color and I haven't really seen it so bold as it is here. Who knew it had such a playful attitude- just needed a fun pattern to show it.

Oh, and of course the shoes... Normally I'd wear a simple shoe (black pump or even my brown ballet slipper heels pictured below). But instead I decided to wear my new Vincent Camuto shoes- these are some hot shoes. I did an entry a little while back on them, and here they are again, such beauties. Brown and white like the skirt (though shades lighter I think it still works just fine).

And here is the other shoe I would wear with this skirt (which matches in color exactly, and yet still a little playful in design). Its my BCBG ballet slipper heels- I bought them years ago but they still stay in style. One of those classic shapes and colors that will always be in. Its such a pretty shoe.

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