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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Runway Fashion Eyes Look

So on the subject of things that are girly and looking like a doll, I recall this fashion show for Orangia I had done with some of the prettiest make up.

Not for day to day wear, but something to take inspiration from and play with. I adored this look on the runway (all the girls had the same make up for this show, hair varied but all were variations in curls).

I like the constancy in make up and hair (theme) in shows, it makes for a nice complete look.

Big and bold eye make up is what stood out in this show, the cheeks and lips a bright bold pink. Very cute and very fun. I like to do the same in a more natural feel- the light pink worn normally with some black bold eyeliner that flairs at the eye's end.

Its a fun and very girly look. I think much can be done with it. Oh that night, sooooo much champagne with cherries after the show was done. So yummy, so tired, lol. It took me a little while to wash my face once I was home.

Anyway, I love the look and it can be toned down to an off the runway wearable look for sure. Much love.

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