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Monday, September 1, 2008

Gorgeous Fashion And A Touch Of Michael Kors Shoes

It's a gorgeous day outside and I am feeling great. So much so I brought out my favorite skirt. It is a cute little number from BCBG that is layered with that frilly feel without being obnoxious- its cute and I love it.

Normally I would wear a simple black fitted top, but today I decided to dress it with a long strappless black top that just hugs over at one end. Makes it look more like a dress and it is quite comfortable as well. Its classic with a little bit of fun from the skirt and subtle shape of the top.

Seeing as it is day time, I am wearing some clunkier bootie heels in a pretty gray color from Michael Kors. In the evening I would lean more to a classic black stiletto, but for now it is an excuse to wear these. I love them, they are a new purchase and are simply gorgeous.

They are sophisticated booties in my opinion- fun but with an elegant line and beautiful color. They are clunkier than what I would normally wear with this outfit, but then again what isn't when compared to the spiked stilettos? As with all Michael Kors shoes, they are remarkably comfortable as well as stylish. And the price I find to not be outrageous which is a nice little bonus.

It is a fun shoe and one I wish to incorporate into my wardrobe more often.

Much love, xx

My cat, Aveline, seems to think so, too.
My cat, Aveline, seems to think so, too.

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