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Friday, September 12, 2008

For The Love Of Chocolate & Beauty

Oh but I do love chocolate. One of my favorite to indulge in on a regular basis is the Ritter Sport chocolates. Yummy and so many flavors I cannot seem to find them all quickly enough.

I think they are fun, too- with so many styles and all packaged in a convenient size. You know the square wherever you go, it stands out. Dark is generally my preference when it comes to chocolate (like truffles and especially when powder and/or bits of cocoa nibs are involved). And second to that is anything involving hazelnut or hazelnut cream/liquor. Love it.

So for me my favorites to have on hand from them are the Praline and Dark Chocolate With Hazelnuts. So yum.

I must say their Alpine Milk Chocolate is quite wonderful too- so milky and creamy. Just the right decedent consistency that melts in our mouth.

A surprise for me was the cornflakes chocolate bar- it was like nothing I imagined at all and quite lovely! It really works. I was expecting it to be 'eh' or 'just okay' but was quite happily surprised. My fiance thinks so, too (as I have noticed that one tends to disappear rather quickly without any supervision). The marzipan seems to vanish rather quickly as well, but that one is rather classic and true to form. Also delicious.

Look at them, aren't they pretty? I am out to go enjoy some now, maybe cuddle up in bed to a movie or cartoon.

Next time you come across one I would certainly recommend picking up a bite for yourself as a lovely treat.

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