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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Playing Game Pieces As Fashion Accessories

Such a cool little find that speaks for itself as a fashion statement; a mahjong (or mah jong if you prefer) bracelet. Game pieces are fun and add a unique and playful flair to fashion- in little bits of course, too much of anything is overwhelming.

My fiance found this bracelet some time ago (he has a great eye) and I love mixing it in with my style. Its rather large and its bold colors and contrast truly stand out.

People constantly ask me if I play mahjong- and I don't, don't even know where to begin on the game, but I do love the pieces.

Here's another game piece turned jewelry accessory- the Jack of Hearts.

This one is more subtle and still has an elegant feel to it. I find it fun to blend it with my more delicate gold pieces and let the character in the center make its subtle appearance.

Jack, King, even Queen I suppose if you wanted to, but I think it looks most like the Jack to me. Its really quite fun. After having found these I tend to keep an open eye for more.

Let me know what you find as well- I love to see creative new twists on fashion, and often times subtle out of place appearances are key, as in this case it is all a game.

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