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Friday, September 5, 2008

I Never Thought I Would Do This Fashion Nightmare

Oooooh, yes- so much for never. It all happened accidentally, and it would almost have to.

Its one of those 80's looks of the past that is so laughable- my fiance insisted I try on these ridiculous jeans so that we may laugh at them together. We couldn't believe they had so many acid washed jeans on display- it was such a joke we had to partake. And the joke's on me apparently.

I totally like them- I mean I actually like these jeans. I NEVER thought I would say or admit these words, but these are a cute pair of jeans- darn them. It wasn't until I had them on that I came to this realization. And by no means am I going to look for more or encourage them to return- but this particular pair.. darn their cuteness.

Even the buttons at the bottom are kind of cute to me now. And I am not a jean person to begin with, but these fit me like a dream. I couldn't pass them up.

Ugh, okay but on an actually current and happy to

indulge upon fashion note- another killer top from Richard Chai has been added to my wardrobe (with the jeans no less).

It has extra long sleeves and is slightly open in the front from the top and bottom- with a low neckline and a high center line. I like how it flows out but still feels comfortable and fitted. It allows for movement- both functional and for show, and it moves lovely.

The little buttons on the shoulder are a nice touch, too. Again with the detail, I am quite pleased.

Alright- I've admitted to taking pleasure in my fashion crime, and even brought something nice to make up for it. Think what you want but I love it. Maybe the top helped me pull it off- I don't know but I'm doing it.

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