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Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Of Ike's Destruction And Survivors

Well the sun is shinning and the sky is once again blue in Houston. Power and water are returning in little pockets throughout the city which is lovely to see.

After the first day without any power or water, we and the neighbors decided to make a spontaneous trip to Lockhart TX for some bbq/warm food and perhaps a stay in a hotel if it was possible. Lockhart is about 150 miles away, and so I phoned the hotel and discovered they had only two rooms available- perfect! We ended up staying a couple of nights there and absolutely enjoyed ourselves.

Now, when we left we had two bags of ice from before the storm. One was in a cooler along with any meats and cheeses we had. The other I placed in the freezer to act as a second cooler for the meantime. I had placed some sodas in there as well- so they would be chilled for later and last longer.

Now, when I say spontaneous I mean we thought up the idea and acted on it within ten minutes- packing a very light and very quick overnight bag just in case. (It is a 2-2 1/2 hour drive and the restaurant would be closed in 3 hours, we had to act fast). So we acted quickly and things like the soda were left in the freezer (no electricity anyway at the time).

Well, upon returning home the power must have come on late last night for sure enough there was quite a mess, lol. Vodka survived just fine... luckily for me I usually only keep vodka and some dessert wine in my freezer (I know, I know- its me though). I can live with that being the only destruction in my house.

Now outside was a different story. There is some roof damage apparent, but I still am not sure of the severity. A lot of water did make it through in the hallways of our apartment complex (everything is indoors, much like the layout of a hotel).

Our fence is, well, gone for the most part. So are all of those in the buildings around us. Much tree damage to be seen just about everywhere in the city, though again things certainly could have been much worse and I am grateful they were not.

This is a view outside our balcony of the courtyard entry way, our trees lining the walkway have ben smoothed down by the storm. All our windows are in tact though I cannot say the same for much of downtown.

Phew, I am exhausted. Much cleaning and much traveling. I'll be posting again soon with some happier, yummier, prettier posts. Great food and three new gorgeous shoes were also a result of this storm for me, and you will be seeing them shortly. Until then, much love- xx Bombshell Beauty

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