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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Lovely Welcome In A Basket

What a lovely way to welcome someone, and this one came unexpectedly. It is time for us to renew our lease for our apartment (a simple chore if anything else) when afterwards we are given this lovely basket. If only every errand came with such a gift- I am impressed and happy to be where I am, a very good touch on their part.

They also make fresh baked cookies downstairs by the concierge- I love these guys. So friendly, too. The basket came with some yummy lemon iced biscotti, a freshly baked cookies scented candle, some ritter chocolates (a favorite of mine, yum) and a bottle of savignon blanc with a cute little bottle charm of grapes. Well done, and how lovely!

It makes me think though- when was the last time I did this.. too long ago. There's something to be said about presenting a welcoming gift in a well thought package. Doesn't take much, but the details go far. The last time I presented someone with a basket was quite some time ago- its just so easy to present someone with a bottle of wine. I like the charm on the bottle, it really dresses it up and is quite simple to do. Its the details that stand out.

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