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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Glamorous & Beautiful Rings For Fashion

I did some shopping today, some premeditated some unexpected. I was looking for some classic and simple dresses and perhaps some unique shawls or sweaters, when there was this unexpected box by the door just filled with rings. It looked like trash (all the price tags covered the items making them indistinguishable) and so I don't think everyone realized what it was.

It became my treat to find some true gems. Natural curiosity and a box of unknown items in a fashion shop, you know I am going to indulge and risk one of the nine lives.

I found something for all occasions, and best yet they actually fit me- you have no idea how big a deal that is for me, lol. I almost always have to custom order my rings (which is fine), otherwise I am stuck with the kiddie one size to fit all sort of thing. Hum drum but will do. I am a ring size 4, so when they are available they never have enough to last.

I like the elegant simplicity of this black gemstone ring. I can wear it casually or in the evening with a nice dress. It is subtle and devilish. This one is just too fun, makes me feel a bit armed and dangerous if you will. I love the detail and cute play of a simple design.

Yay, pretty new little toys. Such a delight and inspiration.

Alright, this next one is a slight change from your usual multi beaded loose ring- if you look closely (you can tell more when the ring moves) there are little golden flakes of leaves that are mixed among the beads.

It redefines the ring, I think, and sets it apart from the others of that style. Makes it a bit more dainty and delicate.

I like the gold with the white, too- it leaves a lot of room for incorporating it into the wardrobe.

And then finally there is this classic little fun and bold ring. Looks nice in dimmer lighting, has that nice way of catching the light just right. Very easy to wear with any style of outfit, day or night.

Here are my new fashion accessories of inspiration. I am looking forward to playing with them and matching them with different outfits from day to day.

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